1. New Andrew Scott Edit - Cropping & Colouring by me -

  2. 4/4 - My screencaps from Benedict’s SDCC video  (x) (1/4, 2/4, 3/4)

    with added tongue action!!

  3. 3/4 - My screencaps from Benedict’s SDCC video  (x) (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4)

  4. 2/4 - My screencaps from Benedict’s SDCC video  (x)  (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4)

    He’s such a cutey-pie when he smiles.

  5. Could this man be any more beautiful?

    1/4 - My screencaps from Benedict’s SDCC video  (x)  (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4)

  6. Gorgeous pictures of James McAvoy (With Keira Knightley & Joe wright, the Director of Atonement) (x)

    I love James’ pout in the second pic!

  7. Entertainment Weekly’s New Photo of Benedict, John Malkovich & Tom McGrath - Penguins of Madagascar - (x)

  8. Entertainment Weekly’s gorgeous New Photo of Benedict Cumberbatch at SDCC - (x)

  9. Benedict Cumberbatch filming for ‘The Sign of Three’ - including a bit of hair ruffling! (source: Daily mail)

    (Source: nixxie-fic)

  10. Martin & Amanda showing off their amazing fashion sense at the last Autumn/Winter Men’s fashion week (x)

  11. Random Behind the scenes pictures on the filming of ‘Red Dwarf’ - if you can’t read it the sign on the back of Blue Midget reads "My other spaceship is a red dwarf"!! (x)

  12. Anyone got a spare £475 they can lend me? The prop store’s got a number plate from ‘The impossible planet’ up for sale! (x) Or £295 for an ‘Eat more chips’ poster from ‘School Reunion’! (x)

    I think it’s awesome that fans can actually get their hands on this sort of stuff„ 20 years ago it would all have ended up in a skip!

  13. Hands up if you’d love to work here! (x)

    'Nice day at work, darling?' 'Yes… I built a tardis console and spruced up a Dalek!'

  14. Nixxie-Fic’s 2,000 Follower Giveaway!

    I’ve decided to do a giveaway of some lovely un-personalised and 100% genuine autographs which I’ve collected over the years & also some movie promotional goodies. The autographs were all got by myself at conventions and I can provide a COA if you’d like.

    SO - here’s how this is going to work. You need to:

    1. Be following me: (Nixxie-fic)
    2. Re-blog this giveaway post.
    3. I currently have just below 1,500 followers, this giveaway will end when either: A) I get to 2,000 followers or B) 16th August 2014 - whichever comes first - but this post must get 150 notes minimum.
    4. I will use a randomizer to choose who wins! Each re-blog will give you another entry.
    5. I will pay the packaging & basic postage to anywhere in the World. However, if you want to have the delivery tracked and/or signed for, you will need to pay the extra amount.
    6. You will need to have your ask box available, so I can contact the winners.

    Here’s the list of autographs up for grabs: (They’re all 8x10) Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien,  Jill Wagner, Marina Sirtis, Max Grodenchick, Aaron Ashmore, Matt Frewer, Craig Olenjnik, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Chris Barrie, Freema Agyeman, Sophie Aldred & Paul McGann x 2. 

    There will be the following winners:

    • 1 x First prize, can choose autographs worth up to 50 points. You will also automatically get a Hobbit Unexpected Journey presentation bag & mouse-mat.
    • 1 x Second Place, can choose autographs from what’s left worth up to 35 points. Will automatically get a Hobbit presentation bag & mouse-mat.
    • 1 x  third Prize, can choose autographs from what’s left of up to 20 points worth. Will automatically get a Hobbit presentation bag & mouse-mat.
    • 5 x Runner-Up Goodie Bags of Hobbit, Star Wars, Smurfs, Alvin & the chipmunks and Puss in Boots official promotional items.

    Any questions? feel free to use my ask box. Best of luck to you all!

    I’m at 1,624 followers - so it looks like I might get to 2,000 before the cut-off point… But this post does need to get to 150 notes yet.

    I’m offering completely free autographs here!! I’ve collected loads over the years & I’ve only got so much wall space, so i thought it much better to just give them away. Re-blog this & give yourself a chance!

  15. Beautiful behind the scenes pictures from Classic Doctor Who. it’s amazing how much effort went into these model shots & that it’s mostly all lost now due to CGI.

    'This model miniature was built for use in the 1968 Patrick Troughton serial The Mind Robber by an effects team led by Jack Kine and Bernard Wilkie, the founding fathers of the BBC visual effects department. This prop was made specifically for the episode 1 cliffhanger where the TARDIS explodes, this effects sequence was filmed at Ealing Studios on Monday 10 June 1968'